Syedna al Moayyed Shirazi (RA) states: “The soul is like a blank sheet of paper that is ready to accept whatever is inscribed upon it. Fortunate is he who happens to come across a sincere advisor who inscribes true and righteous words upon this paper.” We are incredibly fortunate to have the barakat of *Al Madrasa tus Saifiyah tul Burhaniyah where we live. Every year a fresh batch of impressionable minds and souls join the MSB family. Education is imparted to them with the raza and dua mubarak of our Maula (TUS). He is truly the one that inscribes righteousness upon their souls. On Monday, 5th July 2021 our blooming flowers of FS2 and Class 1 resumed Madrasa for on campus learning and today, on the auspicious day of Syedna Taher Saifuddin Maula’s (RA) Milad Mubarak, we welcomed the most junior learners, the blooming buds of FS 1 along with their parents on campus. The warm welcoming ambience of the campus was a sight to behold. The day was a mix of free play, games, rhymes and a little of munching. Photo session with the parents with beautiful frames prepared by the teachers, added the cherry on top! - Students embarked on their educational journey and left with smiles on their faces looking forward to another day in school. With the hope and aspiration to achieve Maula’s (TUS) happiness, we welcome the students and parents of FS 1 to the MSB family whole heartedly and look forward to work together in preparing our children to become all that Maula (TUS) has intended for them. May Allah grant our Maula a long and healthy life till the day of qyamat. Aameen

  • Centre:MSB Karachi-Shabbirabad
  • Date:09 Jul,2021

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